Referrals, appointments and fees


A referral is not required when engaging in psychology or psychotherapy services. However, if you wish to claim a rebate through Medicare, a referral with a mental health care plan is required. ​Please see your GP, Paediatrician or Psychiatrist to discuss a referral and whether or not you are eligible for a mental health care plan.

Referrals from Maternal and Child Health Nurses, Kindergartens, Schools or health and community services are also welcome.


In-person & telehealth appointments are available.


Lucianne aims to provide therapeutic services that are accessible.  Please contact Lucianne for information relating to her fees.


Individuals and families may choose to access services privately and, in that case, a formal referral and/or mental health care plan by a medical professional is not required.   In this instance, the full fee is an out of pocket expense.

However, families may be eligible for the following rebates:


Lucianne is a registered Medicare provider and rebates may be available through Medicare depending on your eligibility. A mental health care plan from a General Practitioner (GP), Paediatrician or Psychiatrist is required in order to access these rebates.  Medicare will offer a rebate of $87.45 for up to 10, 50-minute consultations (an initial six consultations for those that are eligible, with the possibility of an additional four sessions per calendar year).  A further 10 rebates per calendar year is available for pandemic support until June of 2022.
​*Please note that a Medicare rebate cannot be accessed for parent consultations. ​

Private Health
Rebates may be available through your private health insurance.  It is recommended that you refer to your insurance provider for further information.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
Lucianne also accepts referrals through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for plans that are self-managed.


The session fee is payable if you cancel your session within 48 hours or fail to attend without notice.  This cancellation fee cannot be subsidised through Medicare.