Parent Support & Psychotherapy

Lucianne aims to provide a safe and non-judgemental space for parents and carers to explore their relationship with their child as well as any difficulties that they may be experiencing.

This process may help parents or carers to better understand their child’s behaviour as well as assisting them to identify and address any issues that may be impacting upon their parenting.

Exploring the links between parent’s and children’s experiences can often greatly assist parents in making sense of their child’s feelings and behaviour, placing them in a better position to respond to their child in a way that is facilitating of their relationship and their child’s overall development.

Parenting support and psychotherapy may take different forms from short term to longer term work, depending on the nature of concerns and the needs of the family.


Tuning in to Kids parenting program

Lucianne is a registered facilitator of the Tuning in to Kids parenting program.

Tuning in to Kids aims to assist parents/carers to facilitate their child’s social and emotional development with an approach called emotion coaching. Participation in the program supports parents in developing an understanding of their child’s emotional world and to consider ways of appropriately responding to their behaviour and emotions.

The focus of emotion coaching is not on emotional control or behaviour management but rather on developing emotional awareness, understanding and regulation.